Pakistan Celebrate Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) with Religious Zeal, Fervor

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ISLAMABAD: The nation celebraMuslims take part in a religious procession on the eve of Eid Milad-un-Nabi, a day to celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Karachi on Sunday, April 1, 2007.ted Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him) with religious enthusiasm and solemnity across the country and Azad Kashmir.

Processions were taken out from across the country to mark the day and hundreds of thousands of people participated in these processions.

Ulema and Mashaikh delivered sermons and highlighted teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and urged the followers to promote harmony and brotherhood as enshrined in the teachings of Islam.

The followers also pledged to fully tread on the way prescribed by the Last Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and root out extremism and sectarianism from the country.

Major event, the National Seerat Conference was held in federal capital. President General Pervez Musharraf inaugurated the one-day National Seerat Conference organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs on this auspicious occasion.

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz addressed the concluding session of the Conference.

Both the leaders urged the nation to join hands against extremism and sectarianism to foil the conspiracies of those earning bad name for the country.

The President and the Prime Minister called upon the nation to promote the enlightened vision of Islam and propagate its principles of tolerance and brotherhood.

The Prime Minister also distributed prizes among the position holders of book competition.

The theme of this year’s Conference was “Problems and challenges confronting the Muslim Ummah and their solution under guidance of the Seerat of the Holy Prophet”.

Prominent ulema and scholars from across the country and abroad attended the Conference and presented their articles on the theme of the Conference.

Seerat Conferences at the provincial headquarters, divisional and district levels were also held.

Provincial and District Seerat Committees were constituted to arrange the Seerat Majalis.

Seerat competitions were also organized by the provincial governments and educational institutions aimed at highlighting the Seerat of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Golden Principles of Holy Prophet (SAW)

Islam is a religion of peace, love, harmony and gives the lesson of brotherhood to the entire human-beings by categorically rejecting extremism and terrorism.

These were the views of the speakers at Eid Milad-un-Nabi Conference here on Sunday at Pakistan Muslim League House.

Secretary General PML, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave us the lesson of tolerance, patience and directed us to demonstrate these principles in our lives.

“If we follow this lesson of tolerance, we will be successful in converting this society into a noble society” he said.

Senator Mushahid Hussain said that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practiced throughout His life what He said.

Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) always preached to respect and love others and set several examples for us through his noble character, he added.

“Today, our problem is not law and order situation, not the economy but our actual problem is contradiction in our words and act,” he said while lamenting the dual characters in one’s personality.

Islam has protected the rights of women, Senator Mushahid said adding it is now our religious and moral obligation to respect them and accept their due rights.

State Minister for Petroleum Naseer Khan Mengal stressed to understand the real spirit of Islam.

Our success in this world and in the world hereafter would be only possible when we would follow the teachings of Islam and golden principles of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

He urged the Muslims to forget the petty differences and rank unity in their ranks so as to get tranquility and success.

“Islam does not allow extremism and terrorism at any cost,” he said and exhorted the muslims to prove the nobleness of their character through deeds.

President Pakistan Muslim League Islamabad Dr. Amjad urged to adopt polite and tolerant attitude according to the real spirit of Islam.

Earlier, Dr. Alia Imam, Imtiaz Ranjha, Secretary General Ulema-o-Mashaikh Wing Maulana Charagh Uddin, President Labour Wing, President Youth Wing and an MPA Ms. Suriya Naseem highlighted the different aspects of the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

They called upon the people to follow the message and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for attaining success in their lives.

They said that the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) would always serve as beacon for the entire mankind.

They underscored the need for unity of Muslim ummah to check the evil designs of anti-Islam forces.

‘Naats’ were recited by Naat Khawans while special prayer was also offered for peace and prosperity of the country and Muslim Ummah.

Sufi Sikandar Ghani Sheikh

On the sacred occasion of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (SAW), a special bejeweled event was held near Aabpara in Islamabad which was attended by a large number of people, belonging to all segments of the faithful.

It was organized by A’ala Hazrat Sufi Sikandar Ghani Sheikh, a great devotee of Hazrat Barri Imam (RA) and renowned spiritualist of the present times.

The main procession of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) made a brief stop at this venue, while A’ala Hazrat Sufi Sikandar Ghani Sheikh presented copies of the Holy Quran to the organizers of the Milad procession as well as to many more, most of whom were also awarded green Chadars as gift to mark to sacred occasion.

A’ala Hazrat Sufi Sikandar Ghani Sheikh also presented books on Seerat-e-Nabi (SAW) to the people – who visited his tents which, like last several years, were set-up many days ago to welcome Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (SAW)..

Meals with sweet water were also served to hundreds of people by A’ala Hazrat Sufi Sikandar Ghani Sheikh – who had made special arrangements and reciting verses from the Holy Quran served by himself the meals to every-one.

Reports say that Seerat seminars were arranged by Pakistani foreign missions along with semi-official organizations as well as defence establishment to ensure the full participation of every one in the celebrations.

The newspapers and magazines brought out special issues while the electronic media telecast and broadcast special programs highlighting the sanctity and significance of the day.

Special seerat numbers by newspapers and magazines were issued.

Public and private sector Television networks in Pakistan and Radio Pakistan organized special Na’atia Mushaira and quiz program on the life of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Various religious, social and cultural organizations organized Milad Mahafil and Seerat gatherings where speakers highlighted various aspects of the life and teachings of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Special Seerat banners and illumination of public buildings throughout the country was also arranged.

Important government and private buildings, mosques and streets across the country were decorated with lights, green flags, colorful bunting and banners.

The government had declared a public holiday on Sunday and all government and semi-government offices, bazaars and shopping malls remained closed.

However, students and teachers participated in the functions held in the educational institutions in connection with the celebrations of Eid-Milad-un-Nabi.

A number of processions were taken out in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi under the auspicious of different religious and social organizations.

Special prayers were offered for the peace and prosperity of the country and Muslim Ummah.


Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him) was celebrated with religious zeal and fervour in Karachi like other parts of the country on Sunday.

The day dawned with special prayers in almost all the main Mosques of the city for peace, solidarity and prosperity of Muslim Ummah across the world.

Many religious and social organizations held special programmes ofMahafil-e-Nabi (PBUH), Na’at-e-Rasool (PBUH), Milads and conferences across the city.

A number of small and big rallies and processions were also taken out from various parts of the city to mark the birth anniversary of the beloved Prophet (PBUH).

The main procession of Eid Milad-un-Nabi (PBUH), led by Allama Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat, was taken out from Kharadar. It passed through M.A. Jinnah Road and made its last stop at Nishter Park where central Milad-e-Mustafa (PBUH) Conference was held. Other leaders of Jamat Ahle Sunnat, prominent Ulema, religious scholars and large number of people belonging to all walks of lifeparticipated in the procession.

Addressing the conference, the speakers highlighted the significance of practising the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH),calling it the only guiding light to lead the way towards achieving approval of Almighty Allah.

Earlier, Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister on Home Affairs, Wasim Akhtar also visited the route of the main procession to review the security arrangements. He also issued necessary directives to the heads of law enforcing agencies to ensure fool-proof security.

Elaborate security arrangements were made on the occasion.

More than 6000 additional force were deployed in the city. Of this total additional force, 4000 were deployed in Jamshed and Saddar towns to beef up security. Police and personnel of other law enforcement agencies were also put on security duties.

Secret cameras were installed along procession routes for security,while walk through gates are also set up.

Trained sniffing dogs were also used for security purposes.

Two control rooms were set up at Nishtar Park. One of them monitored the inside and other outside the park situation. Ban was imposed under section 144 Cr.P.C. on carrying weapons in civilian dress while all entry and exit points along the route of Eid-Milad processions was blocked and traffic was diverted through alternate routes.

Important buildings, roudabouts, main roads and streets were illuminated with colourful lilghts on the occasion.

Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat- ul- Ebad Khan in his message on the occasion said that Pakistan can be made an invincible fortress of Islam, if the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are practised in letter and spirit in our day- to- day life. It is our obligation to follow the Seerat of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and work for the exaltation of Islam and progress of theIslamic republic of Pakistan, Dr. Ishrat-ul- Ebad said.

The Governor pointed out that each and every moment of the life and Seerat of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is full of wisdom and sagacity which if adopted will bring success to us in both the worlds.

Sindh Governor exhorted the people to mould their lives in accordance with Shariat- e- Islamia and then see whether or not Allah helps the Muslims from Palestine to Kashmir.


Like other parts of the country Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) was also celebrated with great religious fervour and participation of the masses in NWFP on Sunday.

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal was declared as holiday, Seerat functions were held in different area and in public halls throughout NWFP.

The day dawned with 21 guns salute at the provincial headquarters. Whereas, educational institutions arranged special functions in connection with the day.

Special Seerat banners and illumination of public buildings throughout the province was arranged.

Distribution of sweets in all orphanages, widow and destitute homes, disabled and handicapped person homes and for prisoners were arranged by the respective organizations on Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW).

The main procession of Eid Milad-un-Nabi (PBUH) was taken out from Qissa Khawani area.

Hundreds of profusely decorated horsecarts, pickup vans and wagons carried the faithful and students of seminaries in shape of procession and people on both sides of the roads showered flowers on them.

The Eid Milad-un-Nabi (PBUH) arrangements were made by Madina Welfare Trust, Tanzeem Al Sunnat Al Jamat, Traders and other organizations.

The organizers also set up hundreds of ‘Sabeels’ on the route of the procession where sweet drinks were being served to the people free of cost.

A stage was set in historic Qissa Khawani bazaar where religious scholars threw light on the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Similarly, Naats’ will also be recited by eminent Naat Khawans.


People in Balochistan celebrated Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him) on Sunday with religious zeal and fervor. The followers offered special prayer for unity and solidarity of the Ummah and Pakistan.

The day dawned with 21-gun salute in the provincial capital. Milad processions were taken out in all districts headquarters in the province.

The provincial capital was decorated with colourful banners and buntings while mosques and major public and private buildings were illuminated with colourful lights giving a festive look.

A large number of contingents of law enforcement agencies were deployed to avert any untoward incident.

The main Milad procession was taken out in the provincial capital. The participants joined the rally on decorated vehicles and camels from different parts of the city and merged at Meezan Chowk where it turned into a public meeting in which students recited Naat and Ulema and scholars addressed the gathering.

Ulema including Ghulam Muhammad Qadri, Allama Abbas Qadiri, Maulna Khalid Mehmood, Peer Khalid Sultan Qadri and others greeted the Muslims on this auspicious day and highlighted various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Various religious, educational, cultural and social organizations arranged special functions, Naat Khawani and Mahafil-i-Milad. Qirat and Naat competitions were also held to mark the day.

The main function “Seerat Conference” was held at Ismail Masjid where Maulna Iftikhar Ahmed Chishti and others addressed the conference and underlined the significance of the day and highlighted its broader meaning.

They said the Holy Prophet (SAW) is a perfect human model not only for the believers but for the entire mankind. His life and piety of character always offer practical solutions to all problems that confront people of all times.

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